Responsible conduct at every step of the value chain is a cornerstone for us.

Our attention is fully focused on the impact we have on society and the environment.


The way we see it, sustainability is very much about respect.

Respect for the environment, the consumer, the producer, the business partner and the future generations.


Trust in our suppliers creates trust in our product.

This leaves a good taste in your mouth in every respect.


Sustainability and good business acumen are not opposites.

As a pioneer in our field, we wish to prove that shifting to a more sustainable procurement practice can provide financial benefits.

Our purpose is to make sustainability a part of everyone’s everyday life.

Ron Sostenible means
sustainable rum
in Spanish.

The taste is soft with notes of
caramel, vanilla, orange peel
and spiced oak.

Quality products with
a clear conscience

At A Clean Spirit, we look at the entire value chain – from raw materials, suppliers, producers, transport and distribution to packaging and sales.

With each and every product, we look at how we can make the most sustainable choice, which, at the same time, allows us to sell the product at a fair price.

The key to sustainable sales

A Clean Spirit wishes to take existing, already invented consumer goods and make them more sustainable – and we want to do it with you. Please contact us if you are looking for a partner with expertise in sourcing sustainable products, both private label and the development of new brands.

The sustainable taste experiences of the future

A pioneer in sustainable business acumen, A Clean Spirit has its sights set on new products. With flavour as our compass, our mission is to develop and promote accessibility to high-quality, sustainable products in the retail trade.

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