CERO2 Chinola

The Conscious Choice

Caribbean gin with heavy notes of
juniper and chinola (passionfruit).
Enjoy it on the rocks or with a good tonic.

Tropical gin

Our CEROChinola gin is produced in the Dominican Republic. The sugar canes surrounding the distillery are pressed, and the extracted juice is used to produce the alcohol which is later treated through column distillation. The finished product is a high-quality alcohol with more than 96% Vol., which builds the foundation for our CEROChinola gin.  

“Passion” for gin

Passionfruit is a local treasure in the Dominican Republic. It is usually made into juice, which is rich on vitamin A and C – It is for this very reason, that we have chosen the lovely chinola for our CERO2 Chinola gin.  

The Conscious Choice

Through our entire line of production, we try to limit our environmental impact as much as possible, which is why we have named our gin CERO2 Chinola. The distillery relies on sustainable principles, and has great focus on environmentally friendly production as well as fair employment principles. During fermentation the CO2 is collected in pressure tanks in order to be repurposed for the production of soda water. The factory has become self-sufficient by burning their leftover biomass, and any remaining energy is transferred to the local community. Sugar cane therefore becomes a “renewable resource” in the production of energy.  Lastly, our CERO2 Chinola gin is shipped with a sailing boat off to Europe, where it is bottled in recycled glass bottles.  

Enjoy our CERO2 Chinola gin with your favorite tonic – The Conscious Choice

The gin

→ 700 ml bottles

→ 40% VOL

→ Made in the tropical Dominican Republic 

→ Notes of citrus and chinola (passionsfruit)

→ Made with the most sustainable solutions in mind, which adds to the unique flavor 

→ We never settle for quick and easy solutions. We do things the right way – even if it might not be the easiest 


  • 5cl – CERO2 Chinola gin
  • 3cl – Lime juice
  • 3cl – Sugar sirup
  • Ice
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