Sincere – Pure

The Conscious Choice

A gin from Paraguay with heavy notes of citrus and South American spices. Enjoy it on the rocks or with your favorite tonic. 

“Sincerely Gin”

Gin Sincere is made of both sweet – and sour oranges, mandarin oranges, pomelo, and three different kinds of lime. All of the ingredients named above, are organic and locally harvested. The fruits are added to the alcohol together with organic American juniper and left to simmer for 24 hours at about 50o.  

“If life gives you lemons, make Gin”

Gin Sincere Pure is produced in Paraguay in South America, and is therefore a fresh tropical gin. After the citrus and juniper have simmered in the alcohol for 24 hours, a ‘gin basket’ is produced where more local ingredients, such as angelica root¸ star anise, orris root, cloves, cinnamon, red peppercorns, lemongrass and congorosa are added. Again, all of the ingredients are organic.  

The Conscious Choice  

The distillation process starts by heating up the mash until the point where the alcohol starts to evaporate. During this process, the bags containing the citrus are left in the boiler and the evaporated alcohol is being sent through the ‘gin basket,’ allowing all of the delicious herbs to add even more flavor.    

Finally, the gin is extracted and ready for bottling. Our gin is bottled at 47% Vol, as it contains many natural oils from the citrus. The gin might get cloudy, if the alcohol level gets below 46-47% Vol. This does not mean that the product is of poor quality, but rather that the oils from the citrus do not dissolve in water. Therefore, you might discover that the color changes from clear to light grey, when adding tonic to our gin. This is simply because you lessen the precent of alcohol.   

Gin Sincere Pure is organic and produced in Fairtrade certified distillery in Paraguay. This ensures a fair and reasonable pay for all the subcontractors delivering products to the distillery. They also rely on their own organic sugar cane fields for alcohol production. The rest of the necessary products are bought locally from other members of the Fairtrade-corporative.  

The leftover sugar cane is burned in a boiler, adding power to a steam turbine, which then generates power for the entire distillery. This way the distillery becomes energy self-sufficient and the leftover sugar canes are repurposed in a sustainable manner.  

The Gin

→ 700 ml bottles

→ 47% VOL

→ Organically produced in a Fairtrade certified distillery in Paraguay

→ Heavy notes of citrus and South American spices

→ Made with the most sustainable solutions, which adds to the unique flavor

→ We never settle for quick and easy solutions. We do things the right way – even if it might not be the easiest


  • 4cl – Gin Sincere – Pure
  • 8cl – Good tonic (E.g., Fever-Tree)
  • Ice
  • 10 red pepper corn
  • 1 slice of lemon
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