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Organic, Danish produced rum,
inspired by Jamaica.

Our Striped Skunk Rum takes you under the warm skies of Jamaica and the Mediterranean coast of Italy with its notes of Italian herbs and mint, packed with sweetness.

The Concept

The fermentation is one of the most important processes during a distillation of a good and flavorful Rum. The final product depends on e.g., the length of the fermentation, as a long fermentation gives the Rum a more powerful taste as well as more flavors. Striped SKUNK Rum is the third Rum in our SKUNK Rum series where we, with inspiration from Jamaica, have created a powerful, tasteful and organic Rum that is distilled and bottled on a Danish distillery. 

With the Skunk family, our goal has been to bring these methods to Denmark. All four rums are organically certified and filled with taste, aroma and aroma, as well as a high alcohol percentage. Each rum has its unique characteristics, which you can read more about here: The SKUNK Rum,
Spotted SKUNK Rum, and Hooded SKUNK Rum.

Striped SKUNK Rum

With our Striped SKUNK Rum, we decided to take a new approach and used a mint yeast in the fermentation, which gives the Rum a taste of herbs, mint and a natural sweetness. The idea was to create a new Rum, that is ideal for fresh cocktails like a Mojito. The fermentation lasts for about three weeks, where the Rum is placed in a 6400 liters wooden tank. This adds taste and esters from previous fermentation to the Rum which gives our Striped SKUNK Rum its characteristic taste. 

Striped SKUNK Rum Bottle
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The Taste

We’re proud to introduce our newest member of the SKUNK Rum family, which is named after the biggest skunk of the species– the striped skunk. That obliges, and that’s why we’ve created a Rum, that with its multiple tastes of herbs, mint and a sweetness is guaranteed to give you a refreshing and delicious cocktail experience. 

Striped SKUNK Rum Bottle

Striped SKUNK Rum

→ Tasting notes: Italian herbs, mint, and natural sweetness

→ Fermented for 2,5 weeks with mint yeast

→Produced in Denmark with organic Paraguayan molasses

→ Inspired by Jamaican rum

→ 96% Recycled glass bottles

→ 500 ml bottles

→ 69,3% VOL

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