Organic, Danish-produced rum,
inspired by Jamaica.

Our Skunk Rum takes you under the warm skies of Jamaica with its tasteful notes of ripe banana, overripe pineapple, tropical fruits and toffee.

The Concept

Skunk Rum is the latest shot at the trunk at A Clean Spirit. The rum is inspired by Jamaica and our desire to bring the production of the flourishing and colorful rum to the cold north. We have experimented with different types of yeast and fermentation processes, which give lots of flavor and make each batch unique. With each batch, we change the production a little, which means that no two batches are the same and that each batch comes in a limited number.


Skunk Rum  is characterized by the fact that each batch is unique. Each batch uses either a new type of yeast, a new fermentation method or both a new yeast and a new fermentation method. This guarantees that no two batches will be the same and means that each batch of Skunk Rum adds a new taste experience to your drinks.

Tasting Notes

The skunk is known for its ability to form a characteristic odor via glands, which is also flammable. The same goes for our Skunk Rum, which has a characteristic aroma and taste of ripe banana, overripe pineapple, tropical fruits, and cream caramel. It is also flammable, making it suitable in tiki drinks. We have chosen to maintain a high alcohol percentage as it contributes to a strong and flavorful rum.

The SKUNK Batch #1

→ Tasting notes of mature bananas, overripened pineapple and butterscoth

→ Fermented for 3 weeks with wine yeast  

→ Produced in Denmark with organic Paraguayan molasses

→ Inspired by Jamaican rum

→ 96% Recycled glass bottles

→ 500 ml bottles

→ 69,3% VOL

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