Ron Sostenible

Smooth and flavorful rum
transported by sailing ship

Ron Sostenible – Sustainable rum series that can be enjoyed as sipping rum
or used for your favorite cocktail

Sugar Cane
Distillery Dominican Republic

Ron Sostenible – From cane to rum

Produced from pure sugar cane juice. The sugar canes that surround the distillery are pressed and the juice is used for the production of rum. It is not a molasses-based rum. The rum is distilled using the column method and then aged in bourbon barrels.

There is three in the Ron Sostenible-series:
-Ron Sostenible Blanco

White cocktailrum aged for 12 months in bourbon casks
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-Ron Sostenible 8YO
Dark sipping or cocktail rum aged for minimum 8 years in bourbon casks
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-Ron Sostenible Triple Cask
Dark sipping rum that has been aged for minimum 8 years in bourbon casks, followed by 5 months in respectively Pedro Ximenes and Oloroso sherry casks
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A taste of conscience

At A Clean Spirit, we have placed the production of Ron Sostenible in extremely knowledgeable hands. Here the rum is aged in American bourbon casks for a minimum of 8 years.

Ron Sostenible is distilled at one of the world’s most modern and sustainable distilleries, located in the Dominican Republic. The distillery has maximum focus on a green environment. All CO₂ from the fermentation process is collected in pressure tanks, which are used for soda.

The vinasse is sprayed back on the fields as a natural fertilizer. And the biomass is used as fuel to distill the alcohol.

The distillery is known for its good staff relations. As a workplace, it also demonstrates social responsibility by, among other things, to ensure that poor school children from the surrounding areas are taken to and from school in buses every day.

Tres Hombres

Ron Sostenible – Sustainability with wind in the sails

The finished rum is transported from the Dominican Republic to Europe by sailing ship – completely without engine power. The bottles are made from remelted recycled glass and produced in Europe to reduce CO2 emissions. The label is printed on sustainable paper and the cork is sustainably produced without the use of glue.

Ron Sostenible Blanco
700ml – 40%

Ron Sostenible 8YO
700ml – 40%

Ron Sostenible Triple Cask
700ml – 43%

Ron Sostenible Cognac Cask
700ml – 43%

Ron Sostenible Experimental Cask
(pedro ximenez)
700ML – 43%
Limited ed. – sold out

Ron Sostenible Experimental Cask
(port Wine)
700ML – 43%
Limited ed. – sold out

Ron Sostenible Experimental Cask
700ML – 43%
Limited ed. – sold out

Ron Sostenible Experimental Cask
700ML – 43%
Limited ed. – sold out

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