Sustainable brand – A Clean Spirit strengthens ranks with new senior CEO hire and future partner Mark Winslow

Mark Winslow, former Senior Vice President of Commercial at Scandlines and Pernod Ricard Travel Retail sales director, is set to join A Clean Spirit as new CEO and partner. With close to 20 years of experience within Travel Retail, a wealth of knowledge and commercial skills will bolster A Clean Spirits team.

“The core of the business model is a fundamental principle that sustainability is key in all the decisions we make. Recognizing the consequences of our actions and taking the responsibility for trying to reduce our sustainable footprint is at the heart of all our products. Premiumization of the journey, in-store experience and product is key in Travel Retail but we must do this with our eyes fixed on how we manage this through a responsible and sustainable business model as well.” Mark Winslow states.

He continues to add that “We are determined to further accelerate the growing success of A Clean Spirit towards the goal that we, throughout the value chain, have our eyes constantly fixed on how the business affects our sustainable footprint and that we for each and every product together with our partners seek to make the right choices while still offering a premium product that tastes great.”

A Clean Spirit use eco-friendly technologies and processes, promote efficient use of resources and gives back to local communities by actively seeking out partnerships with like-minded organizations and people to drive the positive change. From sourcing raw materials to manufacturing products, packaging, and distribution, prioritizing sustainability at every stage of the value chain is key.

With the new addition to its team, A Clean Spirit is continuing the momentum already gained with Travel Retail consumers among others, and it will help ensure the company’s continued success and positive impact on the industry.

“Above all, sustainability is not just our corporate responsibility; We must all be committed, strongly committed to this common goal, to innovate, learn and grow together in the pursuit of this vision” Bintu Singh, founder and CPO, adds.

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About A Clean Spirit:
A Clean Spirit is an innovative spirits business committed through sustainable business practices and commercially viable to create a positive impact in the world while still providing travelers with unique, quality experiences. For more information, please visit

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