Responsibility with
wind in the sails

Ron Sostenible and CERO2 is transported from
the Dominican Republic to europe with a sail ship –
without an engine at all

We work responsible

Responsibility is key
At A Clean Spirit, we look at the entire value chain – from raw materials, suppliers, manufacturers, transport, distribution to packaging and sales. For each and every product, we look at how we can make the most sustainable choice possible that also makes it possible to sell the product at a fair price.

We make sure that all our products labeled with this icon are distilled with 100% renewable energy by some of the world’s most responsible distilleries.

We make sure that all our products labeled with this icon are transported consciously and as CO2 friendly as possible. That is why we use a traditional sail ship for transportation.

We make sure that all our products labeled with this icon are bottled in 100% recycled glass.

We make sure that all our products labeled with this icon use 100% recycled paper only.

The conscious choice


We are not philanthropists, but we want to inspire consumers to make sustainable choices when reaching for an item on the shelf. For us, it’s about showing consideration throughout the entire value chain at the same time that we run a healthy business. With taste as a compass, our mission is to develop and promote completely innovative sustainable quality products at fair prices. And it obliges.

Innovation in product development as well as the entire value chain

Just like tomorrow’s consumer, we know that it contributes to an already fantastic taste experience when the product is manufactured responsibly and sustainably. Now just take ours Ron Sostenible, which means sustainable rum in Spanish. The rum is produced at one of the world’s greenest distilleries in the Dominican Republic. From here it is transported in barrels on a sailing ship – completely without engine power. Only when the rum arrives in Europe is it poured into bottles made from remelted 96% recycled glass. It radically reduces C02 emissions.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do

Throughout the value chain, we have our eyes fixed on how our business affects our sustainable footprint. Our attitude and behavior are rooted in three values: Responsibility, Respect and Trust. In this way, we support the UN’s Global Goals, especially the global goals nr. 8, 12 og 13.

Sustainability For A Clean Spirit it is always about:

Green Sustainability – we commit to a sustainable value chain from raw materials, through manufacturing to climate-friendly transport and packaging.

Social Sustainability – we strive to run a business that reflects our attitude to social and local responsibility.

Economic Sustainability – we want to prove that conversion to a more sustainable procurement practice results in black numbers on a green bottom line.

Creative Sustainability – we constantly seek to innovate tasteful quality products and value chain solutions by challenging conventions and the ‘impossible’.

A Clean Spirit was founded in 2020 by Bintu Singh. Together with his investors, he represents international experience and strong competences within shipping and trade.

Global goals: 8 Decent jobs and economic growth + 12 Responsible consumption and production + 13 Climate action.

UN Goal number 8
UN Goal number 12
UN Goal number 13

Corporate Social Responsibility

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