Gin Sincere

ORGANIC gin With power

Organic gin series with a powerful taste.
Enjoy the essence of South America in a bottle!

“Sincerely Gin”- Organic Gin

For the production of Gin Sincere, sweet oranges, sour oranges, tangerines, pomelo and three different types of lime are used. All ingredients are harvested locally and are organic. All the fruits are added to the alcohol along with organic American juniper and infused for 24 hours at around 50C. The base itself is what we call extra neutral alcohol of 96%

Gin Sincere is available in three exciting flavours:
Pure (Juniper, citrus and local South American spices)

Bougainvillea (Juniper, citrus and local South American spices along with the beautiful bougainvillea flower)

Barrel aged (Sincere Pure that has been ages in American whiskey barrels for 45 days)

Økologisk Gin Sincere Pure & Barrel Aged

“If life gives you lemons, make Gin”

Gin Sincere is produced in Paraguay in South America and is a real tropical gin. After the citrus and juniper have been soaked in the alcohol for 24 hours, a “gin basket” is prepared, where local ingredients such as angelica root, star anise, Orris root, cloves, cinnamon, pink peppercorns, lemongrass and congorosa are added. All ingredients are organic.

The Conscious Choice

The distillation process begins when the mash is heated and the alcohol begins to evaporate. In the distillation process, the bags of citrus are still in the kettle, and the alcohol is evaporated and sent through a “gin basket”, where all the herbs gives flavor.

Finally, the finished gin is collected, which is then ready to be bottled.

Our gin is bottled at 47% because the gin contains many natural oils from citrus fruits. When the alcohol falls below 46-47%, the gin can become a little cloudy in colour. This is not a mistake, but simply because the oils from the citrus fruits are not soluble in water. Similarly, you will also find that the color goes from clear to gray when you add tonic to our gin, because the alcohol is lowered.

Gin Sincere is organically produced in Paraguay. All sub-suppliers who supply ingredients to the distillery are properly and fairly paid for their products. The distillery has its own organic sugarcane fields, which are used in the production of alcohol.

The pressed sugarcane is crushed and burned in its own boiler, which drives a small steam turbine that generates electricity. In this way, the distillery is self-sufficient in energy, and the sugarcane is thereby included as a reusable, sustainable resource for the production of electricity.

700ml – 47%

700ml – 47%

700ml – 47%

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