Sincere Bougainvillea
700ML – 47%


With Sincere Bougainvillea, you get an organic, colorful, South American gin with notes of exotic flowers. The floral notes bring you to sunny South America and with full power on the taste you experience South America in a bottle! Citrus, lime, oranges and junipers are powerful basic elements. In addition, for 24 hours, a ‘gin basket’ is added to the distillate with local ingredients such as angelica root, star anise, Orris root, cloves, cinnamon, pink peppercorns, lemongrass and congorosa. Finally, the hand-harvested bougainvillea flowers are added, which give the gin its beautiful red color, floral notes and slight bitterness. All ingredients are harvested locally and are organic. Fun fact: The gin contains many natural oils from citrus fruits. When it gets below 47% or mixed into a G&T, your cocktail becomes a little ‘cloudy’, which is natural.

Organic and sustainable gin

→ Gin Sincere Bougainvillea is organically produced in Paraguay.

→ All sub-suppliers who supply ingredients to the distillery receive proper and fair payment for their products.

→ The distillery has its own organic sugar cane fields, which are used in the production of alcohol.

→ The pressed sugar cane is recycled to produce electricity and makes the distillery self-sufficient in energy.

→ Bottled in the EU in bottles made of 100% recycled glass with a 100% recycled paper label.

Sincere Bougainvillea omgivet af blomster

Sincere Bougainvillea

→ 700 ml bottles

→ 47% VOL

→ Strong notes of juniper berries and citrus fruits, local South American herbs and Bougainvillea flowers

→ Made from juice from sugar cane

→ Bottled in bottles made of 96% recycled glass

→ Produced at an organic distillery in Paraguay.

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Gin Sincere Bougainvillea edition brings notes of summer, warm sun, exotic flowers and roses to your drink. The gin is slow-crafted using wild-harvested bougainvillea flowers which add a rich pink hue and deep floral, delicious essence. We accomplish this flavourful gin by using a four-step procedure. First, organic juniper along with locally harvested botanicals including yerba mate, cangarosa, cinnamon, lemongrass, peppercorns, star anise and a mix of citrus fruits like orange, apepu, mandarin, pomelo and lime is macerated in an organic neutral spirit. Next, the gin is distilled twice with a gin basket containing additional botanicals like angelica root, orris root and extra citrus to enhance the flavours even further. Finally, bougainvillea flowers are macerated in the gin to create the beautiful and delicious Gin Sincere Bougainvillea edition. All ingredients are organic.

The water used in the production is recycled. The energy used by the distillery is generated from biomass. Enjoy Gin Sincere Bougainville edition with your favorite tonic and add an organic orange peel as a final touch.

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