Kapow on the taste!
Funky, organic, Danish produced
white rum for your cocktail – SKUNK RUM.

Open a SKUNK Rum and the room will be filled with scent of
ripe, tropical fruits, caramel and spices!
White cocktail rum in a class of its own!

The Concept

SKUNK Rum is an innovative white rum. Developed with the desire to add character and strength in aroma and taste to your favorite cocktail. To bring it to new heights. We simply want to prove that white, unaged rum can also be a huge taste experience. Our experimentation with different types of yeast and long fermentation processes gives extra power to the taste and versatility in the taste experience.

Inspired by Jamaica

It is inspired by Jamaica. Now we have brought the production of blooming and colorful WHITE rum to our latitudes – and given it a proper innovation. A new favorite rum for you who want extra power for your cocktail and go exploring!

The smell & Taste

The skunk is known for being able to release a very strong scent. That is why we have called this rum series SKUNK Rum. You have no doubts when you open a bottle. A wonderfully sweet scent of tropical fruits, ripe banana and herbs spreads immediately in the room. You will immediately want to taste. Our SKUNK RUM is also bottled at 69.3%. We have chosen this to give you the greatest experience in terms of taste.

Ecology and sustainability:

As with all A Clean Spirits products, SKUNK Rum is also developed based on our DNA of making alcohol production as sustainable as possible. The molasses is organic molasses from Paraguay. The different types of yeast used are also organic. Distillation and production take place in Denmark. The bottles are made of 96% recycled glass.

The Variants

The series currently consists of four funky variants. Two with a fixed flavor note for your favorite cocktail, and two where each batch is unique and limited in number – for you who want to explore and be inspired.

Skunk Rum


Let yourself be surprised! SKUK RUM is constantly changing character. From batch to batch, you will experience that the taste in the bottle changes constantly. Therefore, always check which batch number you are drinking. Look at the back of the bottle or read more on this page. Batch #1 is full on ripe banana, overripe pineapple, tropical fruits and toffee. All batches are limited in number and are only available while stocks last.

Spotted Skunk rum

Spotted SKUNK Rum

You immediately smell tropical fruit, caramel and a strong scent of blackcurrants. Use, for example, Spotted Skunk to give your Mai Tai or Daiquiry cocktail a unique explosion of fruit and blackcurrant that tickles your tastebuds.

Striped Skunk Rum

Striped SKUNK Rum

Take your Daiquiri or Mojito to new heights! Striped Skunk is based on mint yeast. The long fermentation gives strong notes of caramel, tropical fruit sweetness and mint notes.

Hooded Skunk Rum

Hooded SKUNK Rum

Hooded Skunk is aged in virgin white American oak barrels. We select batches of the other SKUNK varieties that we think are best suited for cask aging. Just like The SKUNK Rum, Hooded SKUNK varies from batch to batch. Despite its high alcohol percentage, this rum adds sweetness and softness from barrel aging to your cocktail. All batches are limited in number and are only available while in stock.

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