The Conscious Choice

CERO2 is a rounded and versatile Caribbean gin
that comes in two variants.
Either with notes of citrus and juniper,
or passionfruit, and citrus.

Tropical gin

Our CERO2 Pure gin is produced in the Dominican Republic. The sugar canes that surround the distillery are pressed and the juice is used for the production of alcohol, which is distilled using the column method. The finished product is a high quality alcohol of over 96%. This is the base for our CERO2 pure gin.

The classic gin with a twist of citrus

Our CERO2 Pure gin is made in the Dominican Republic. Here, attention is paid to the details, and we have selected only the best ingredients to ensure a great taste of both juniper and citrus.

It also means that CERO2 Pure is a classic and versatile gin that lends itself to a host of cocktails as well as a good G&T.
Check out our CERO2 Chinola, which is our passionfruit variant in the CERO2 Brand.

The Conscious Choice

Our gin is called CERO2 because we work to reduce the environmental impact in connection with the production of our products. The distillery works with sustainable principles, where the focus is on environmentally friendly production and good conditions for the employees. In connection with the fermentation, 50% of the emitted CO2 is encapsulated in pressure tanks, and it is subsequently reused in the production of soda water, at the local soda factory. The biomass is burned so that the factory is self-sufficient with energy, and the excess production of energy is sent out into the local area. Thereby, the sugar cane becomes a “renewable resource” in energy production. Our CERO2 Pure is then sailed by CO2-neutral sailing ship to Europe, where it is bottled in bottles made from recycled glass.

Enjoy our CERO2 Pure with your favorite tonic, or in a fantastic cocktail! – The Conscious Choice

Tres Hombres

CERO2 Pure
700ml – 40%

CERO2 Chinola
700ml – 40%

CERO2 Juniper
700ml – 40%

Can be purchased here

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