Ron Sostenible Blanco
700ML – 40%


A sustainable, soft and lovely rum made from freshly squeezed sugar cane juice and aged 12 months in bourbon casks. It gives a tasty and fruity rum with an incredibly delicious softness. Enjoy the notes of wild flowers, vanilla, licorice and a hint of spicy oak. The perfect, versatile rum for your favorite drinks like Mojito, Daiquiry and Cuba Libre.

The Ron Sostenible series is sustainable rum from A-Z

We have done everything we can to minimize the climate footprint with Ron Sostenible Blanco.

→ transported across the Atlantic by sailing ship without the use of engine power!

→ bottled in Europe, in bottles made of 100% recycled glass with a 100% recycled paper label

→ produced at one of the world’s most sustainable distilleries in the Dominican Republic, where

→ all organic material and waste water from the fermentation process is piped out onto the sugar cane fields as organic fertilizer for the new sugar cane

→ 50% of the CO2 from the fermentation process is collected and put on pressure tanks, which are used for soda at the local soda factory – part of the profit goes to charity, such as school operations and further training, so that employees can become skilled

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3 bottles of Ron Sostenible Blanco

Ron Sostenible Blanco

→ 700 ml bottles

→ 40% VOL

→ Fully tropical made in the Dominican Republic

→ Aged in bourbon casks for 12 months.

→ Made from sugar cane juice (not molasses)

→ Transported with sail ship, without use of an engine

→ Bottled in bottles made from 100% recycled glass

→ Produced in one of the worlds most sustainable distilleries.

This rum was distilled in The Dominican Republic by one of the world’s most sustainable distilleries. Produced from locally grown sugar canes from fields that surrounds the distillery. The biomass from the sugar canes are tuned into energy that makes the distillery self sufficient with energy. To prevent excess emission we make sure that Ron Sostenible Blanco is brought to you by engineless sailing ship. All efforts to reduce negative environmental impacts has been made. Drink it on the rocks or use it as the base in your favorite cocktail. Enjoy!

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