700ML – 40%

We always strive to please and excite with our sustainable high-quality products,
and this Terra Verde product is put into the world to please and spoil the senses
of everyone who appreciates a sweeter spirit that is still full of character, depth and

Dark chocolate, toffee, caramel and orange peel are the dominant taste factors of
this spirit. A truly exciting and soft feeling that carries a long-lasting sweetness. The
aging on bourbon-casks is also clearly visible when tasting this beautiful spirit and
adds complexity to the experience.

This spirit is highly versatile and can be enjoyed on its own as well as in any spirit
drink where the sweetness of the spirit will undoubtably add an exquisite


With Terra Verde XOS Extra Old Sweet we always try to improve and explore new directions for our spirits, and a vision to create a truly pleasant and exquisite spirit to please a wider audience, being a bit sweeter and with a soft palette, makes for the
basis of our Terra Verde.

Terra Verde means ‘green earth’, and as the rest of our products, it is based on a heart felt wish to make a sustainable difference.

Terra Verde is produced in The Dominican Republic close to the small town of San Pedro de Macoris.
The distillery is one of the most sustainable in the world by, amongst other factors, being self-sufficient
in green energy and reusing biomass from the production to use as natural fertilizers.

In close cooperation with our master blender, we have chosen the best casks for our Terra Verde. The result is a spirit series that is velvety smooth and with lots of sweetness and character.

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→ 700 ml bottles

→ 40% VOL

→ Fully tropical made in the Dominican Republic

→ Aged in bourbon for up to 6 years.

→ Made from sugar cane juice (not molasses)

→ Bottled in bottles made from 100% recycled glass

→ Produced in one of the worlds most sustainable distilleries.

Terra Verde or ‘Green Earth’ is distilled by one of the world’s most conscious distilleries in The Dominican Republic. Crafted with a heartfelt wish to make a difference in the name of sustainability and social responsibility. Self-sufficiency in green energy, reuse of biomass and contribution to local education are just some of the specific activities behind the making of this amazing premium spirit from The Dominican Republic. Our master blender has carefully selected the best casks that truly brings out the delicious notes of dark chocolate, toffee, and orange peel. The long aging in bourbon casks helps bring out the sweetness and leaves you with a velvety soft and intense tasting-experience. A truly harmonious spirit for the broad audience for whom the conscious choice is meaningful!

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