Hooded Skunk Rum
500ML – 61,2%


When you open a bottle of Hooded Skunk, a scent cascade of Brown Sugar, Tropical Fruits, Oak, Coconut, Marzipan, with a hint of Campfire and Leather greets you. It is a fantastic rum that you will easily be able to enjoy neat, or in your cocktail, where you will experience that the flavors come to the fore. The perfect rum for a Mojito or Daiquiry with power on the taste experience.

Hooded skunk rum batch 1

Hooded Skunk Rum

→ Notes: Brown sugar, Tropical Fruits, Oak, Coconut, Marzipan, with a hint of campfire and leather

→ Fermented 2,5 weeks using high ester yeast, aged in 40L virgin American oak casks for 3 months.

→ Produced in Denmark using organic Paraguayan molasses

→ Inspired by Jamaican rum

→ Bottles made from 100% recycled glass

→ 500 ml bottles

→ 61,2% VOL

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Hooded Skunk Rum is an organic rum, made in Denmark and inspired by the way they make rum in Jamaica. Where they use longer fermentation methods (up to 4 weeks). This creates very flavor-and powerful batches of delicious rum. Even though this specific batch, has only been aged for 2 months, it still has a very complex flavor profile. As the aging has been going on in small 40L virgin American oak casks. The small size of the casks is contributes to a very fast interaction between the alcohol and the wood. This ensures that you get a lot of complex notes and flavors from the cask in a very short amount of time.

This specific batch are produced in a very limited quantity and are different from the previous batches as it is the very first “aged Skunk rum”. Each bottle has its own bottle number. Skunks are notorious for their scent glands that make their spray, which not only has a very noxious scent, but is also highly flammable. Our Hooded SKUNK Rum also has a very distinct scent – but in a good way. When you open a bottle of Hooded SKUNK Rum, you will instantly get complex notes of brown sugar, tropical fruits, oak, coconut and marzipan, with a hint of leather flowers and bonfire. Due to the high ABV, it can easily be used in fire cocktails.

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