Spotted Skunk Rum
500ML – 69,3%


Dream of the warm skies of Jamaica with our Spotted Skunk. Intense scent and taste of blackcurrants, flambéed pineapple, ripe bananas and tropical fruits fill the room. Here you get a fantastic powerful rum for your Mai Tai, Daiquiry or other favorite cocktail.

Spotted Skunk rum cocktail suggestion:

In your Shaker, take 2-3 cl of Spotted Skunk + 3 cl of fresh lime juice (equivalent to about half a squeezed lime) + 2 cl of sugar syrup*. Shake it all vigorously for 5-7 seconds with lots of ice until the shaker is ice cold. Pour the contents into a chilled glass and enjoy a fantastic cocktail. The simple ingredients mean that nothing overpowers each other and the notes from the rum stand out clearly. You can eventually top of your cocktail with a floater of the spotted skunk rum.

*Easily make your own sugar syrup by taking 200 g of organic cane sugar to 100 g of water and boiling it. It is important that all the sugar is completely dissolved. Let it cool and then store it cool. Shelf life: 1 week in the fridge.

Skunk Rum

Spotted Skunk Rum is an organic rum that is inspired by how they make rum in Jamaica – based on organic molasses from Paraguay. Our Skunk Rum is fermented for an extended period of time, using a type of yeast that is specifically designed to create a lot of esters and a very fruitful rum. The organic molasses and long fermentation give a powerful rum with heavy notes of black currant, mature bananas, roasted pineapple, and tropical fruits. This is the perfect match for any cocktail that calls for a fruity touch. Get ready for new experiences and next level cocktails with Spotted Skunk Rum!

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Spotted Skunk rum

Spotted SKUNK Rum

→ Notes of: blackcurrants, flambéed pineapple, ripe bananas and tropical fruits

→ Fermented for 2,5 weeks using high ester yeast

→ Produced in Denmark using organic Paraguayan molasses

→ Inspired by Jamaican rum

→ Bottles made from 100% recycled glass

→ 500 ml bottles

→ 69,3% VOL

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