Striped Skunk Rum
500ML – 69,3%


When you open Striped Skunk, a scent cascade of herbs, mint, tropical fruit sweetness and caramel flows to meet you. In your cocktail, you will experience that the back of your tongue you will clearly perceive the mint notes. The perfect rum for a Mojito or Daiquiry with power on the taste experience.

Striped SKUNK Rum Mojito:
Take half an organic lime and cut it into smaller pieces. Put it in a long drink glass together with a small teaspoon of organic cane sugar and 10-15 mint leaves. Mash it well. It is important to stamp well so that some of the oil comes out of the peel from the lime. Add 1 cl sugar syrup* and 2-3 cl Striped Skunk. Add lots of ice and top the cocktail with 6 cl Danskvand.

*Make your own sugar syrup easily by taking 200 g of organic cane sugar to 1 dl of water and boiling it. It is important that all the sugar is completely dissolved. Let it cool and then store it cool. Shelf life: 1 week in the fridge.

Striped Skunk Rum

→ Notes: Italian herbs, Mint, Sweetness

→ Fermented for 2,5 week using a specially designe mint yeast

→ Produced in Denmark using organic Paraguayan molasses

→ Inspired by Jamaican rum

→ Bottles made from 100% recycled glass

→ 500 ml bottles

→ 69,3% VOL

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Skunk Rum

Striped Skunk Rum is an organic rum made in Denmark – inspired by the way they make rum in Jamaica – based on molasses. Our Striped Skunk Rum is fermented for an extended period of time (up to 3 weeks), using special developed yeast to create a lot of esters that will give you a minty and herbal sensation. The organic molasses combined with long fermentation and our special yeast gives a powerful rum with a lot of natural sweetness and herbal notes, including mint and rosemary, followed by the sweet sensation of pears. This rum is the perfect match for any cocktail that calls for a minty/herbal touch. Get ready for new experiences and next level cocktails with Striped Skunk Rum!

Designed by fingerspitz*